I received my sauces last week and have made some wonderful tasting meals. Tonight I marinated elk steaks in the onion flavor. My husband said these were the best steaks I'd ever made! Anyone who doesn't think they like elk, would never know that's what they were eating. These sauces aren't overpowering, they just make everything better. I've made elk burgers & chicken stir fry using the natural flavor, and used the spicy flavor on baked salmon. Everything has been sooooo good! Since I live in rural Colorado and the nearest retail store is over 90 minutes away I was happy to find it on Amazon. I received it in just 3 days so you can be sure I'll be ordering through Amazon from now on.
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Sue Mikesell

I purchased this sauce locally at a natural food store in Sedona, Arizona. First I tried it on a stir fry and loved the flavor. No need to add anything else. Next I tried it on a Tbone steak, stove top pan cooked. I let the sauce get all burnt and crispy (I like well done). The Tbone was nice and tenderized and again the flavor was perfect. I really like the fact that there is no high fructose corn syrup and it is no GMO certified. Update: I poured about 1/2 a bottle over a large pot roast with potatoes and carrots. Simmered for two+ hours. OMG, it was delicious and the veggies had a wonderful glaze.
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Carolyn Gayle

I tried making my own teriyaki sauce with gluten free soy sauce, but it was way too salty, this is a great gluten free teriyaki, my BF loved it last night :)
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L. Wilson